About Belle

Welcome to Belle Revival, a place for you to find beautiful thrifted collections with a greater purpose.

Ashley (she/her) grew up in South East Vancouver (Tsleil-Waututh territory) with a single mother and older sister. Her family thrifted out of necessity when she was a little girl. Some of her fondest memories are the days she spent sifting through the isles full of clothes as a family.

As she got older, her love for thrifting grew. Her and her best friend Gita would spend endless hours finding treasures all over the city. As an adult, Ashley made the conscious decision to only buy used items for ethical and environmental reasons, and now the rest is history!

When Ashley thought about what was truly important to her, it was clearly so much more than just used clothing. Belle Revival strives to incorporate the many facets of social advocacy that Ashley is passionate about including protecting the environment, diversity and inclusion, and community connection.

Ashley wanted to create a brand that welcomes and celebrates all people, using sustainable practices and products, with an ultimate purpose of giving back. Belle’s community impact program is ever evolving, but one thing that will be a permanent fixture of this company is the donation program. 10% of every sale will always go directly back into community. Please check out the community impact page for more information for donation recipients and more!

With all that said, she hopes you will love this company just as much as she does. Her wish is that you will see the invaluable effect you can make when you shop with small local businesses that believe a better world is possible.

All our love,