Community Impact

There is no doubt that without community programs and the kindness of others, Ashley’s life could have been drastically different. Having a community impact initiative within the company was always critical to Ashley’s dream, and giving back is absolutely fundamental to the Belle Revival brand.

Belle Revival will always donate 10% of every sale directly to a community program. Every collection will focus on two charities/non-profits which will receive a bulk donation once all the items have sold. Ashley hand picks every recipient organization, driven by her passion for social justice and care for others. We will highlight each program on our website and share their amazing stories throughout our social pages as we go. 

The community impact portion of this company is ever growing. Eventually we plan to have a separate non-profit program that focuses on getting quality clothes to those in need. For example, a back-to-school wardrobes for a low-income family. Or a beautiful work wardrobe for someone who is unhoused and has just landed a new job. The ideas are in progress, but we promise there is much more to come from Belle.

Stay tuned.