The foundation of Belle simple – Quality clothing and some other items that I have carefully sourced from around British Columbia. Like many other vintage curators, we love that thrifting clothes moves the world away from fast fashion. We like it SLOW. Thrifting truly gives new life to items that may have otherwise been forgotten. Items that transcend time and remain beautiful and stylish despite the decade they were made.

Purchasing and wearing second-hand items, in and of itself, is far more sustainable than buying new. As we shift towards more conscious companies, we can remove the demand of fast fashion giants like H&M and Forever 21, who are massive players in an industry that wreaks havoc on our planet. When you wear a used piece, not only do you extend the garment’s life cycle, but it requires no production or energy resources to make. Did you know it requires thousands of litres of water to make a single t-shirt? It’s almost unimaginable right?

In addition to our products all being second hand, Belle Revival takes pride in using eco-friendly practices and products in all aspects of the company. We will always pair our products with 100% environmentally friendly packaging - ranging from recycled paper products to reusable totes. Ashley also thrifts pretty much everything, from the photography equipment to the office stationaries. She is committed to not creating more stuff but reusing what has already been created.