Representation matters!

As a mixed-Black woman and someone who is passionate about social justice, advocacy, and diversity, Ashley knew that Belle wouldn’t and couldn’t be just about used clothing. While it may be slowly changing, there is clear underrepresentation in the fashion and resale industries. Belle Revival will not be a part of that narrative. We want to see beautiful clothes on ALL bodies. Every single skin colour, size, gender, and sexual orientation will be celebrated by Belle.

At Belle Revival, we believe that fashion has no gender. Though we may provide “men’s” or “women’s” designations for sizing purposes, our clothing is for everyone. We celebrate all gender expressions in fashion and believe that our collections represent a range of amazing options for any individual’s personal style!

Additionally, while thrifting may limit us a little as we don’t always have control over what we will find - our sizing will always range from XS to 3XL (+) whenever possible. And, if your badass body has a specific need or is tricky to shop for online - please contact us via email and we can do an in-person fitting or we can source an item custom for you. Hell yes.