The Local Collective

Here you will find a list of my favourite local creators and curators. 

#1 - Top Bun: 

Nat Nat and I met working as servers at Local in Kits years ago. We then both attended the same in nursing school in Vancouver.  Shortly after she graduated from nursing school she took a full-time line on the same floor as me (**twirls**) and launched her amazing passion project - Top Bun. She is one of kindest most compassionate gals in the game, and I love both her product, and all the good she does behind the scenes. 

Top Bun creates sustainably made scrunchies from deadstock fabric and textile waste which would otherwise end up in landfills. On top of that, 20% of proceeds from every scrunchie sold is donated to Vancouver communities in need. Her most recent donation recipients have been Hogan's Alley and Portland Hotel Society. Her slogan is "Look good. Save the planet. Help others." and we could not agree more!

#2 - Okay to Rest: 

Coming soon!